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Our HOLIDAY.PIN file needs to be updated, please download HOLIDAYS.EXE to anywhere on your hard drive and then run it. It will bring the holidays up to 2020.

Useful Files Available For Download

holidays.exeDownload and run this small program to update our HOLIDAYS.PIN file to 2020. 
manual.docOur latest manual as of 4/14/2014 includes new breadth data for 8 new indices. 
ex_redo.exeLight History contracts eventually fill up Metastock folders, this program will clean out all expired contracts (giving you the chance to save them) and install a complete set of currently active contracts.  
convert2csv.exeIf you did not select the CSV Option when installing Pinnacle Data, then download this little program to anywhere on your hard drive and run it to convert your script files to CSV format. 
add_rollout.exeThis install file will install an alternate program called ROLLOUT to your system, use this if our ROLL program does not print properly. 
wget.exeSome virus/firewall software are deleting this file thinking it contains a virus. If this has happened to you please download this file to anywhere on your hard drive and run it. 

Download Updates

Login to download data updates. If you haven't signed up for the update service or have forgotten your username and password, please contact us!

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