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Customer Support
Customer Support
Commitment of Traders

Traders whose futures holdings exceed certain levels must report these holdings to the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) each day! Even holdings that are non-reportable are summed. The CFTC publishes this unique data in a report called Commitments of Traders Report (COT) which categorizes the information into the following three groups:

  • COMMERCIAL TRADERS: hedgers such as farmers and producers involved with production of the underlying commodity.
  • NON-COMMERCIAL TRADERS: non-hedgers such as a trading consortium with large positions.
  • SMALL TRADERS: typically individuals with small positions.
Update Service:
$20.00/month with a 3 month minimum.
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The COT Database includes:
  • Historical COT Data for 50 Commodities up to the most recent released report
  • DataMaker Software Package and Software Manual. Two Downloaders included (Internet & BBS) if Update Service is ordered.

Our historical database of COT Reports covers 50 popular commodities most of which begin January, 1983. The data is end of month until 1/15/86, then it becomes mid-month and end of month until 1991, then it becomes weekly. We extracted the 1986 to 1991 mid-month values from CFTC mag tapes and we are the only company offering this data. Since 1991, the CFTC has compiled the data weekly (as per market close on Tuesday) and releases TWO weekly reports on alternating Fridays.

Our DataMaker software can interpolate the monthly, semi-monthly and the weekly values into daily values and combine it with your or our price data.

Although COT is still only weekly data, its quality more than makes up for its quantity - it is the sole source of the actual holding of these three key groups! You have inside information on the trading activities of the "savvy Commercials", the "too shrewd Non-Commercials" and the "unsuspecting Small Traders". The commercials have an uncanny knack of being right in many markets. Now, you can monitor their positions and turning points! Our database also includes the amazing COT Index (featured in "Stocks and Commodities" 5/90, "Baron's" 2/94, and "Futures" 3/94) which is an outstanding confirming indicator. What makes this data most valuable is that it is independent of Price/Vol/O.I.

Commodities Included:
British Pound
Canadian Dollar
Feeder Cattle
Live Cattle
Milk III
Cotton No. 2
Crude Oil
Euro Currency
Fed Funds
Gold (Commex)
Heating Oil #2
Live Hogs
Japanese Yen
Random Lumber
S&P500, Mini
Orange Juice
Lean Hogs
S&P 500
Soybean Meal
Soybean Oil
Sugar #11
Swiss Franc
2 Yr. Notes
10 Yr. Notes
5 Yr. Notes
Unleaded Gas
Wheat, Chic.
Wheat, K.C.
Wheat, Minn.
S&P 400, Mini
Nikkei Index
Dollar Index
Russell 2000
Natural Gas
Mexican Peso
Australian Dollar
VIX Index
Dow Jones Index
Note: Most Commodities Start Jan. 1983
Fields Supplied:
COT Index, Commercials
Non Commercial Longs
No. Com. Shrt Traders
COT Index, Non Commercials
Non Commercial Shorts
No. Non Com. Long Trdrs
COT Index, Small Traders
Small Traders Longs
No. Non Com. Shrt Trdrs
Total Open Interest
Small Traders Shorts
Commercial Net Position
Commercial Longs
No. of Spreads
Non Com. Net Position
Commercial Shorts
No. Com. Long Traders
Small Trdr Net Position
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